Business background: I have several years of experience as a procurement manager, strategic sourcing, and head of procurement. In addition to my extensive purchasing background, I am proficient at organizing and coordinating multiple tasks and teams in cost-saving and budget minded environments. I have excellent oral and written skills, versatile negotiation and an established network of vendor contacts. I enjoy a challenge and am passionate about the work I do in maintaining the highest levels of cost-savings, best industry standards, and sourcing lifecycle management; providing every company that I work for with calculated success.

Through my experience as a procurement and strategic sourcing manager, I have been able to provide the companies I have worked with outstanding cost save initiatives of over $2.9 million annually. My aptitude to correctly judge and implement new technologies for a implmentation and cost savings of both money and personnel time has kept me in good stead with my employers and has made me a valuable asset to the field. At THQ Inc., I successfully headed their procurement division, implemented sourcing strategies, contract negotiations, SRM implementation, training and support. Provided financial spend analysis, trends and forecasting. Implemented and managed THQ’s fixed asset inventory. At DreamWorks, I was able to provide new ideas and processes of consolidating POs through the Purchasing department and provided savings of at least $120K annually. At IndyMac Bank, I successfully implemented an integration of digital communication network that saved the company over $500,000 annually along with increased functionality and reliability that saved hundreds of employee hours. I also partnered and implemented a computer ordering solution with a vendor that decreased the turn-around time for IT hardware orders from 2 weeks to 2 days, allowing more of our employees to get and continue bringing in revenue for the company at a faster rate. For each of the projects given to me, I have always remained committed to providing the company that I work for with the best and most cost effective solutions.

I am currently looking for new employment.  My goal is to find a company who would benefit from my drive, experience and skills.  Please contact with any open positions or questions by emailing me at

Jason R Banks
Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Manager